whats the best acai cleanse?

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whats the best acai cleanse?

By admin | December 25, 2009

i know there are hundereds of acai cleanse that claim to work but which one is the best?

You’re confusing two different “hot” supplements right now – Acai Berry and Colon Clensing. Neither work in the way you’re hoping. They’re a scam. They bill your credit card for a ton more pills than you ordered and you won’t be able to track down the company to have them stop sending you the crap – so you’ll need to call your credit card company and have them cancel the charges after you’ve lost hundreds in the meantime. Not even kidding – they were talking about this on Dr. Oz last week.

Acai is a fruit. It does nothing more or less than any other fruit does. You minus well take banana pills.

Dr. Oz also said there is no reason why any healthy adult who eats enough fiber should ever need a colon clense. It’s acidic based and can really mess up your inside. Sure you’ll lose weight – but it’ll all be stool and will have NO effect on your body composition or how much weight is around your waist, arms, thighs, etc…

Not to ask a stupid question – but what’s going to happen when you go off whatever fad diet it is you want to try and you haven’t changed any of your eating or exercising habits? You’ll be back on here in 2 months asking the same thing – only this time about Hoodia, or blueberries, or Macca, or whatever the fad-du-jour diet pill is that month.

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