Sorry this is such a gross question, but…?

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Sorry this is such a gross question, but…?


I’ve been hearing on the radio ads touting the health benefits of colon cleansing dietary supplements, which make claims that you can “internally scrape the walls of your colon by taking this pill,” ridding yourself of 5-15 pounds of built-up waste material. Get a flatter tummy!

Yadda yadda yadda.

Has anyone ever investigated these claims and found them to be true, or is it all a bunch of nonsense designed to cleanse your bank account of extra money?
Mind you, I’m not trying to lose weight. I was just curious about these claims, because they sound so implausible.

It’s not unhealty to do a colon cleanse on occasion, but to rid your body of waste, not as a diet aid. Emptying your colon of feces may take off some weight, but it’s not fat…it’s waste material. That material will build right back up in a fairly short amount of time.

To lose weight you need to eat right and exercise. There is no magic bullet. If we could poop away our pounds that easily, there wouldn’t be many fat people on the planet.

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