Juice Fasting for Weight Loss: Lose Weight and Feel Great

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Juice Fasting for Weight Loss: Lose Weight and Feel Great

By Kate West | April 7, 2010

Juice fasting for weigh loss has been used in cultures around the world and for thousands of years. But recently with the onset of obesity quickly becoming an epidemic, it has risen to the forefront in many diet circles as a weight loss strategy. Though it has not been mainstreamed yet, the health benefits of juice fasting can be life changing and provide the essential missing piece that will jump start any weight loss protocol.

The idea behind juice fasting for weight loss and detoxification is to crowd out the ‘bad stuff’ with an abundance of the ‘good’. Essentially, juice fasting floods the body with raw, fresh nutrients in the form of enzyme rich juices full of detoxifying properties, which then go to work in cleansing and healing the body with little distraction, as little energy is needed by the digestive tract when a person is on a juice fast. At the culmination of the juice fasting period, one feels rejuvenated and transformed as years of toxic accumulation are sloughed off and replaced by clean healthy cells! The difference us actually visible! Many juice faster’s report comments from friends and family on how young and rejuvenated they look and seem. This is just one of the many benefits of juice fasting!

Due to the hectic and stress filled lives that most of us are leading today, our natural detox reflex has been overwhelmed and shut down as a result of the incredible volume of toxins that we ingest each day. Since our systems are often carrying around years of built up toxicity that has been accumulated and stored, juice fasting can sometimes be challenging as these toxins make their way out of your system. It’s crucial to take some time to fully understand just what the body will be undertaking during a juice fast in order to effectively and calmly navigate through any of the ‘cleansing reactions’ that are possible to occur.

The most common cleansing reactions are simply headaches and light ‘headedness’, but even these can be annoying and inconvenient when unprepared. Such cleansing reactions are natural and necessary and indicate the the body is effectively doing it’s job eliminating toxins. Preparing for them so you can manage them effectively will get you through to the other side where your radiant health awaits.

While juice fasting for weight loss can improve health and melt off stubborn pounds like no other diet available. Unlike many of the common fad diets that are popular today, juice fasting is about more than just losing extra pounds. In fact, when done correctly juice fasting will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated while at the same times fighting any dis-ease that you are experiencing in your life. When the toxins go, so does then pain. Expect to lose weight you your juice fast but also GAIN health.

With juice fasting, perseverance is the key but the rewards are great as the effects do start showing immediately. So keep the end goal in mind and let your body perform it’s miracle housekeeping magic for you.

When preparing for your juice fast, you’ll want to cover in detail just what juice fasting for weight loss is, how to effectively go about it and what the knowledge that is essential to grasp is. There are many books on the topic written by expert juice fasting practitioners that will help any juice faster go about their juice fast in a positive manner and ultimately reap the rewards they so desire. Because juice fasting is not yet in the mainstream, harmful crash diets being more common, it’s important to seek out this information as it is not readily available in the mainstream knowledge base. Juice fasting does have the capacity to change lives, but you must go about it with a prepared and informed plan. Happy juice fasting!

Kate West has been leading successful juice fasts for almost a decade at her private practice in NYC. She has written a complete and practical guide on juice fasting success. For a limited time you take advantage of Kate’s Proven Techniques anywhere in the world by visiting Breakthrough Fasting.

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