What are the REAL results of those colon cleanse products?

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What are the REAL results of those colon cleanse products?


I know there are many different brands, so please include that name of the one you tried.

What did they really do for you?
Did you just go to the bathroom a lot? If so, was it so much that it was a problem in daily life?
Did you have stomach cramps?
Did it cause diarrhea or nausea?
Did you really pass anything weird like in some of the photos they have at the sites?
Did you feel better? If so, was it within a few days or immediately?
How long did you take it?
How did you feel when you stopped taking it?
Did you change your diet with it and if so, was it a diet plan?
Do you have any health problems like I.B.S. or spastic colon or chronic bloating or chronic constipation and how did it affect you?

Please include everything you can think of. I’m not really interested in these for weight loss, though that would be a benefit, but to see if any of them improve how I feel overall.

Thanks to everyone that replies with a good, honest, helpful answer.

They cleanse your wallet really well. And they are unnecessary.

If you feel your colon needs cleaning – get Fleet Phoso-soda – that is what they tell people to take before a colonoscopy or colon surgery. It is about $2.50 at any drug store.

If you have problems with constipation – drink more water and eat more fiber.

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