My farts stink terribly, is this a sign of good or bad health?

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I dont know why, but in the past year or so ive noticed the odour of my farts getting progressively worse to the point that they are grossing even me out. My diet hasnt really changed at all, i take centrum vitamins and ISO weigh protein shakes after working out. I would say im quite healthy, and my diet is fairly good. Is this a sign im unhealthy? Or possibly need a colon cleanse or something?

There are many causes to that problem such as irregular bowel elimination or it is the food you are eating. There are some foods (example is root crops) that will cause your fart to really stink. You don’t have to use an artificial or commercially prepared colon cleanser. Just drink lots and lots of fluid especially that you drink a lot of protein shakes. Water is very natural.

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