what is the colon cleansing diet?

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what is the colon cleansing diet?


I hear models do it all the time to lose weight and cleanse their colons of excess weight. I looked up what it is but nothing answered my question. What does colon cleansing do? How long should you do it for? And what all should you eat during that time?

there is not specific diet per say for a colon cleanse. i gave used the walmart brand of colon cleanse for 9 bucks, and the acai product for 8 dollars, don’t buy into the hype of the guys and girls that will post here to go to a specific website, that is a scam as they charge u around 90 bucks for the same thing that walmart has. if you want to for the 2 weeks at the beginning you can cut out meat and eat fruits and vegis.

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