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As we age, our bodies begin to slow down and our digestive system doesn’t work the same as it used to. It could start with different stages of constipation or continuous episodes of acute diarrhea, followed by upset stomachs that are like clockwork in us. But it all comes down to- is it’s possible to change it right away or over time with a homemade colon cleanse?

We think that we can just look for a way to fix it with a homemade colon cleanse tip someone passes along. But, secretly, we question if our safety could be at risk. You should always understand that you should never trust everything you read. Certainly, if it makes you uneasy, don’t try it. When dealing with the colon it’s only natural that we’d want to keep it clean since proper elimination is essential to good health.

We all reach out for a quick fix-it solution, even though it took many years for our colons to become backed up. Cleansing yourself the healthiest way possible should be your top priority to remove the decaying matter and toxic buildup. You should start out with drinking plenty of water. The recommended amount per day is at least 64 ounces. Our bodies requires water to function properly and flush out toxins in our body. Drinking water helps avoid dehydration or needing to rely on the water content in food we consume throughout the day.

Fiber should be introduced into your system to increase positive productivity in your colon- store bought fiber powders, greens and citrus type fruits are a perfect source of fiber. A minimum of 25 grams of high quality fiber should be eaten or drunk daily. Another alternative is drinking plenty of juice; it helps with people suffering from constipation, as well as providing essential nutrients.

By boosting both your water and fiber daily, you’ll begin to see results within a few days. This homemade colon cleanse can be healthiest way to cleanse the bodies and is the best way to go for keeping your system in optimal shape. We wouldn’t want to harm our digestive system any further by consuming harmful, unnatural ingredients.

If increasing your fiber and water intake works too slowly to help with elimination problems, you can try a homemade colon cleanse using bentonite clay. This is an ingredient present in many colon cleansing products, but you can also find it in liquid or powder form independently. The bentonite readily absorbs water and acts to bind toxins in the digestive tract for elimination. Remember to drink plenty of water with this cleanse.

One good homemade colon cleanse is psyllium powder. This will provide plenty of fiber and bind any loose stool and scrapes away at the caked on waste left behind. If you experience stomach pains such as bloating or gas, you slowly adjust your intake until your body adjusts. Make sure you drink lots of water to help the fiber push out waste in your body.

Learn more about homemade colon cleanse. Stop by William Wallace’s site where you can find out all about a colon cleansing program and what it can do for you.

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