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Natural Relief for Hemorrhoids

By James Briggs | April 19, 2010

Hemorrhoids are a common condition where the veins in the anus or rectum swell and become painful and itchy. While not usually serious, hemorrhoids can be very uncomfortable. It takes a while for them to heal, and while you are waiting there are some steps you can bring to get relief for hemorrhoids.

Warm Baths

Your hemorrhoids can get irritated and sore when they get dried out or when they are irritated from rubbing against your clothing. To provide some relief, you can soak you anal area in warm water for fifteen minutes a couple of times each day. To do this you can fill the bath tub with a few inches of warm water and then sit in it and relax.

Make sure that you dry off completely before you get dressed again, as leaving the affected area damp can cause further irritation. You can also purchase a small basin so that you do not need to get full undressed.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is made from the bark and leaves of Hamamelis virginiana. It is a popular remedy for hemorrhoids and can be found in health food stores and regular drug stores. It works to stop the bleeding associated with hemorrhoids because it is an astringent.

Witch hazel works on other symptoms of hemorrhoids as well. It can provide relief from itching, pain, soreness, and work to reduce swelling. This herb is available in cream preparations, a liquid, or in medicated pads. Simply apply the witch hazel to the affected area for relief for hemorrhoid discomfort.

Butcher’s Broom

Butcher’s broom is an herb that is also known as box holly and sweet broom. It is traditionally used for both hemorrhoids and varicose veins. It is believed that butcher’s broom is an anti-inflammatory agent, which will help you reducing swelling your hemorrhoids. It is also known to constrict the veins, which will make them stronger and shrink the swollen tissues.

Butcher’s broom can be taken in capsule form or brewed as a tea. You can also make a compress from the herb or use it in ointment form. This herb can be purchased from a health food store.

Horse Chestnut

Horse Chestnut is an herb that is often prescribed for poor circulation issues, and it is another herb that is often associated with hemorrhoid relief. It can bring down swelling and inflammation while at the same time strengthening blood vessel walls. When it strengthens the walls of the blood vessels, it can prevent hemorrhoids from developing in the same area.

Horse chestnut can be taken as an herbal tea or in capsule form. If you have a blood disorder or are currently taking blood thinners, you should not take horse chestnut. It is always a good idea to consult with your doctor before taking herbal supplements when you are on prescription medication.

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