Discover How A Colon Cleansing Regimen May Help You Feel Better Overall

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Discover How A Colon Cleansing Regimen May Help You Feel Better Overall

By Ted Vargas | June 28, 2010

If you have been bloating or suffering from pesky constipation symptoms, you may benefit from the concept of colon cleansing. A colon cleanser flushes away dangerous fecal matter that is sticking up to the walls of your colon causing toxins from that waste to leach into your body. Obviously these toxins can cause an array of health problems that generally slow a body down. So when you eradicate the origin of the toxins, your energy will increase and you would have normal bowel movements and less gas.

The Two Common Colon Cleansing Process

1. You can get a colonic irrigation. This method involves warm water being introduced into the colon which forces feces from the colon through a tube into a closed container. You do not smell the feces, but you may feel minor intestinal discomfort during and a few hours after this type of colon cleansing procedure.

2. Colon cleansing can also be done at the comfort of your home by special diets, fasting and special herbal teas or supplements. These are often used in combination or succession to achieve a complete colon cleanse over a few days or a few weeks. If you follow a colon cleansing regimen that includes herbs, consult your health care professional. Herbal supplements can interfere with prescription drugs while, in general, an oxygen-based colon cleansers has no pharmaceutical interactions.

Regardless of whether you choose to get a colonic irrigation and get your colon cleansed fast or go slower with an at-home colon cleansing regimen, you would want to change your diet to support ongoing colon health. Of course, this diet should include fiber and probiotics to help in the digestion of food and eradication of waste from your body.

More specifically, you would wish to eliminate as much red meat, animal fat, dairy product except yogurt, and food that has heavily preserved or processed, including most fast food from your diet to keep a naturally colon clean. Instead you should eat foods like fish, beans, whole grain foods, fresh organic fruits and raw vegetables, yogurt and ginger. And continue to take a probiotic supplement to aid in digestion. Other people also include a periodic colon cleanser to help maintain a healthy colon.

However colon cleansing is not for everyone. If you are already diagnosed with a colon problem, you should consider any kind of colon cleanse carefully. A persons struggling with diverticulitis to Crohn’s disease could take advantage from a colon-friendly diet, but shouldn’t usually undertake colon irrigation, unless recommended by your health-care professional.

So when you start a colon-friendly diet after a natural colon cleanse, give your stomach the chance to adjust. You may actually experience more gas for the very first week or so, however your digestive system will adjust and you would have healthy, regular bowel movements without the excess gas.

Colon cleansing will make you feel healthy overall, especially if you continue to keep your colon system clean with a fibrous, probiotic diet. And though you lapse back into old, bad food habits and start dragging through your day again, a colon cleanse will jump-start you back to good colon health.

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