Avoid This Terrible Mistake After Master Cleansing

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Avoid This Terrible Mistake After Master Cleansing


In 1941 a fellow name Stanley Burroughs created what is known as the lemonade detox diet, maple syrup diet, and the master cleanse. Since then it has been regularly used by many as a detox program to flush toxins and open the door to healing, improved health and increased energy.

After the 10 days of eating nothing and drinking only a drink made of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water, an added benefit is the rapid weight loss that occurs. As for how the drink tastes, it doesn’t taste bad at all. After getting used to it, many people enjoy it.

There is a lot of self control that is needed in order to stick with this difficult detox from start to finish. Many don’t make it past the first day because they have never gone without eating solid food for so long before. Detox symptoms can come up too, so not eating anything and having a headache makes it even more difficult to stick with it for the 10 days.

The few that survive to finish the Master Cleanser often report feeling much more energetic and revitalized. There also is a nice bonus of weight loss when you stick to this detox. In fact, you can lose up to 2 lbs a day on it, meaning an overall weight loss of 20 lbs after the 10 days are over is not unusual.

After completing this difficult cleansing program, there is a big mistake that many people make. They spend all that time detoxing and cleaning themselves out, but as soon as it is over they stuff themselves with terrible foods, or they eat way too much. As a result, all the weight they lost returns.

Now, once you get off of the detox plan, gaining some weight back once you start eating is unavoidable. However, you can certainly avoid gaining it all back by gradually bringing in solid foods. The last thing you want to do is shock your body with a flood of hard to digest solid foods right after you had just spent all that time drinking only liquids.

By gradually adding solid foods, and steadily increasing the amount of calories you consume, you can gradually begin to raise your metabolism, which will have undoubtedly have lowered over the 10 days of fasting. On the first day off you can drink fruit and vegetable juices, on the second day add raw fruits and vegetables, and on the third add light salads and vegetable soups.

Absolutely avoid the urge to gorge yourself on whatever you feel like. The idea is to slowly and gradually add solid foods and increase your calorie intake to normal levels. Once you start eating again, consider making healthier choices, and most of all, enjoy your renewed health and energy!

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