acai berry and colon cleanse?

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acai berry and colon cleanse?

By admin | May 21, 2010

I don’t want success stories, just these questions answered please. Well i only want to lose a few kilo’s, serious, please don’t answer this if you haven’t used it. I heard a news crew investigated it and it worked fantastically for her. I heard you are suppose to use acai berry and colon cleanse together, please give me a link to free trials. thanks x
How long do you use it for?
Will i go fat when i’ve finished using it? how do i stop this from happening
Do you get diorreah or vomit when you’re on it?
Where can i get acai berry (colon cleanse) free trial?
Does it come in liquid form?
How much exercise is needed when you’re on it?
And how much healthy eating is needed?

Best answer given. thanks x

I am using colon cleanser for 2 months, and I think no matter what product you are using, you still need to look after your own diet in order to be effective! Currently I am using Colon Cleanse Elite which I find it is quite effective, and I think you can give it a try as they do offer free trial right now!

I didn’t have vomit, but I do get a bit diarreah as this is a type of cleansing process, and it is not come with liquid form. I will highly suggest to do 20 min brisk walk or aerobic/yoga everyday for the best result!

Healthy eating = I will suggest to have a balance meal, just make sure eat more green vegetables, and less carbohydrate will be fine!

After taking colon cleanse, I lost 8 pounds in first months with normal diet and exercise, and honestly I do feel more energetic after all.

You can just sign up this free trial and try it out yourself! =)

Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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