I don’t have regular bowel movements, Should I get a colon cleanse?

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I don’t have regular bowel movements, Should I get a colon cleanse?


I barely use the bathroom, maybe about twice a week sometimes not at all for a week and a half. When i do go its usually hard, and i have to strain. Sorry for the visual. I feel fatigued, depressed and as much as I try to eat healthy, (fruit, vegetables) I neither see nor do I feel a difference. Don’t get me wrong, i haven’t always been this conscious of my health or what i eat. I used to smoke cigs and I did have a 12 yr affair with Mary J. leading to massive junk food consumption. A friend recommended that I get a colon cleanse (not the kind you swallow). I’m a bit skeptical, not only am I not comfortable turning my exit into an entrance, but I hear that these procedures sometimes do nothing. Should I get the cleanse and if so, should i get a pill or is the other method best? I’m really worried, what should I do? Any diet plans or alternatives. Are enamas also colon cleanses?

Whether or not colon cleanses actually do anything for you is questionable at best. It sounds like your overall wellness isn’t so great though, from the way you describe yourself – depressed, fatigued, constipated.

Have you tried exercising? Exercise might seem counterintuitive when you’re fatigued, but it can actually help give you more energy during the day and give you better, more restful sleep at night. Exercise is also a proven treatment for mild to moderate depression and anxiety, because it releases “feel good” endorphins in the brain that stimulate serotonin absorption which improves mood. That’s why runners get a “runner’s high” after a jog – endorphins.

Exercise can also improve regularity, believe it or not. Doctors aren’t sure why exactly, but regular exercise (even if it’s just a daily walk) can stimulate slow bowels and help you have a more regular bathroom schedule. Being constipated is usually pretty minor but if it goes on for a long time it can cause you to feel tired, crampy, “stopped up”, and just generally like crap (pun not intended). So if you aren’t already exercising a few times a week, start doing that – get a gym membership, or buy some home weights, or just start jogging around the block. Even just walking daily can make a difference.

Also check out your diet. I know you said you try to eat healthy but are you still eating a lot of empty calories like refined white bread, sodas, and other “munchy food”? Those things basically turn to sludge in your intestines and can make constipation even worse. Stick to all whole grains, lots of fruits and vegetables, and also make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D and B vitamins (which have been linked to improved mood). If you aren’t taking a daily multivitamin and you aren’t taking any other medications or vitamin supplements, start with a daily complete multivitamin (like One a Day Men’s Complete, or whatever floats your boat) and see if you notice a change in your overall well being.

If a couple of weeks of exercise, eating extra roughage, and multi-vitamins doesn’t help your all-around malaise, consider making an appointment with your doctor. You can discuss a colon cleanse with them if you want, but unless they’re a holistic practitioner they probably won’t suggest one. Cleansing your colon will “clean it out”, but it won’t get at the root of what is causing you to be chronically stopped up, which has something to do with diet and exercise.

Good luck!

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