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Constipation, blood in stool?


I went to my family doctor last week for maroon colored mucous and dark stools. A bunch of tests later he suspects Inflammatory Bowel Disease like Crohn’s or even Colon cancer. So since I am without health insurance for a few more weeks he said I could wait for a colonoscopy if the bleeding stops. He put me on a Hydrocortisone suppositories twice a day to relieve the inflammation (immediately felt better). He increased my fiber intake to 4 Fibercon pills 4 times a day. I also take Miralax once a day. I stopped drinking sodas and drink tea and water, about a gallon a day total. More water than tea (about 2 glasses of tea with lunch and dinner). I also increased my fruit and veggie intake. I also am eating an Activia a day as well. I became more regular since the xray showed lots of stool. Now I haven’t had a bowel movement in about 3 days. I am extremely bloated. I am in severe pain (though it is not constant). When I do have it I would say its a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. I even tried sticking my finger in my pooper to help move things along. Should I go to the ER since he suspects IBD and this could be an obstruction or narrowing of my intestinces. I feel the pain in one spot radiating to the rest of my abdomen. I have only had small amounts of blood since my visit last week on Monday twice. And yesterdays was bright red and like a streak. Not like before. Any help would be appreciated.

Go to the ER bro.

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